Environmental analysis and laboratory certification

NEXT Genomics deals with the design, development and validation of chemical-physical and biological analysis in the environmental field. NEXT Genomics offers a high-quality service capable of generating accurate and reproducible information on the characteristics / peculiarities of water, land, waste and specific work environments.
With a state-of-the-art instrument park, NEXT Genomics is able to perform chromatographic analysis (gas chromatography, HPLC and ion exchangers), spectroscopic and latest generation spectrometers (GC-MS, HPLC-MS, NMR) for the characterization and quantification of analytes required.
Thanks to the skills of the technical staff, NEXT Genomics has gained over the years a proven expertise in the development of new analytical methods on complex matrices, quantifying notoriously difficult analytes even the ones absent from the price lists analysis of the main Italian laboratories.


NEXT Genomics offers a complete analysis service on any type of water: drinking, groundwater, waste, surface and pool. Our chemical and microbiological analysis aims to evaluate the compliance of specific parameters based on the following legislative decrees: D.lgs. 31/2001 and D.lgs. 142/06, for human consumption water and for groundwater, wastewater and surface water, respectively.


Soil analysis is necessary for the assessment of the level of contamination and in order to determinate possible contamination of soils intended for the construction or agricultural sectors.
Furthermore, the agrochemical soil analysis has acquired great importance in recent years concerning fertilization plans. NEXT Genomics performs routine soil analysis according to the DM 152/06 and DM 13/9/99 (in Italy), moreover it is possible to implement the determination of the analytes according to the specific requests of customers.


The protection of workers' health, as well as being a moral duty, is a legal obligation, in order to ensure optimal management of production activities. D.lgs. 81/08 (chapter I title IX) regulates the matter of hazardous substances in the workplace, forcing companies to carry out a series of environmental monitoring to control and therefore limit the risk of exposure to chemical agents.
NEXT Genomics offers a specific analysis service for work environments, aimed at the determination of volatile organic substances (SOV), lead, ammonia and many other analytes.


Each production activity involves the production of solid and liquid waste that must be classified for their disposal or reuse.
NEXT Genomics is able to provide customers with chemical analysis services and complete assistance for waste management programs, taking care to:

  • support clients in characterization and classification
  • classify waste according to local and international laws, defining its characteristics and the class of hazard
  • assist clients in preliminary analysis for defining final destiny (disposal or recycling)
  • perform chemical and product analyzes on urban and industrial waste


NEXT Genomics offers technical and documental advice to Laboratories for the implementation of the Quality Management System in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 Standard. Moreover, NEXT Genomics is able to support clients in the accreditation of the environmental analysis tests.
The accreditation process is organized according to a series of phases able to assist our clients up to accreditation:

  • analysis of company processes and of the tests / calibrations to be accredited
  • creation of the Laboratory Quality Management Manual and management procedures
  • analysis of the conformity of the technical documentation
  • periodic meetings at the customer's laboratory
  • staff training
  • internal periodic audits as required by the laws
  • support in managing relationships with Accredia
  • presence of the consultant at the certification visit.

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21 December 2018

INTEGRATED PHYTOSANITARY management OF pine forests

Monitoring, control and repellent activities against harmful xylophagous beetles
21 December 2018


Environmental monitoring of glyphosate presence on bees and in surface waters in the Municipality of Carmignano and in the surrounding areas

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