Innovative functional materials

NEXT Genomics offers technical assistance and analytical support to help your company to increase the efficiency of your processes and reduce production costs through multidisciplinary skills and an integrated approach.
The optimization of industrial processes is guaranteed by the ability to design and develop analytical protocols on notoriously complex matrices.

Developing or improving a "functional material" used in your company

  • packaging materials
  • insulating materials
  • materials used in cosmetics
  • materials used for the production of objects and jewels

Identifying a new market to reuse the "waste products" of your production processes

  • bioremediation of water and soil
  • biofuels

Optimizing a production process

  • monitoring your industrial activities using analytical markers developed ad hoc to follow the progress of processes and control quality
  • reducing production costs through the use of alternative materials
  • reducing disposal costs by recycling waste materials (circular economy)

Get the most out of your business

Optimize functional materials and production processes.


21 December 2018


Circular economy for the treatment and transformation of biological sludge into biofertilizers
21 December 2018


Wild fire in tobacco plants (Kentucky)

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