Molecular diagnostics in the field of Precision medicine

Recently, the development of biotechnologies allowed us to increase our knowledge in the medical field and to protect our health in a simple and effective way.
The sequence of the human genome, the development of new drugs and the design of innovative diagnostic tests represent three simple examples of how research - both basic and applied - is essential in Preventive and Personalized Medicine.
NEXT Genomics offers innovative and advanced services in medical research and clinical trials to customers (companies and professionals). We are firmly convinced that the continuous updating and development of new technologies is the only viable strategy to offer a service of excellence.

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Develop a research project that requires skills in

  • molecular biology
  • biochemical
  • bioinformatics

Develop a report for your diagnostic analysis

  • clinical
  • scientifically solid
  • easily understandable (both by professionals and by patients)
  • graphically designed accurately

Analyze clinical data with bioinformatic tools

  • relative abundances (NGS and not only)
  • statistical evaluation effect treatments (PCoA, statistical significance)

Develop a new diagnostic protocol in

  • genetics
  • microbiology
  • biochemistry

Do you work in the field of prevention and personalized medicine?

We can help you to develop diagnostic protocols and strategic therapies!


21 December 2018


“Custom” transfection using lipofectamine
21 December 2018

BioSTAT 1.0

"NGS" sequencing of the vaginal microbiota before and after laser therapy
21 December 2018


Genomic analysis of performance levels and risk of injury
21 December 2018


Identification and evaluation of miRNAs associated with depressive syndrome
21 December 2018


Development of an innovative strategy of personalized medicine for the diagnosis and therapy of kidney diseases in children.
21 December 2018


Identification and evaluation of miRNAs present in total follicular fluid

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