Ecosystem protection and plant pathology

The term "plants" refers to the set of all the innovative strategies and experimental protocols used for protection of plants from biotic agents (microorganisms and insects) and abiotic (eg. water stress, cold damage, etc.).
An integrated approach allows us today to provide services with high technological value, designed on the requests of the individual customer and able to combine complementary skills such as plant pathology, entomology and chemistry.
NEXT Genomics also works on aspects of a purely zoological nature, such as setting up environmental monitoring tools using honey and honey bees and active biological systems for the assessment of land pollution (eg pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides, etc...).

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Develop a research project that requires skills in the field of

  • plant pathology
  • entomology
  • zoology
  • environmental chemistry

Protect biodiversity

(both genetically and phenotypically)

Evaluate the epidemiological aspects of the parasites as a result of climatic variations

Design and develop

  • integrated systems for the defense of agriculture and forest plants
  • innovative methods of chemical and biological control against pests
  • innovative molecular-based diagnostic methods

Do you want to protect plants or crops?

We deal with integrated plant defense systems.


21 December 2018

INTEGRATED PHYTOSANITARY management OF pine forests

Monitoring, control and repellent activities against harmful xylophagous beetles
21 December 2018


Environmental monitoring of glyphosate presence on bees and in surface waters in the Municipality of Carmignano and in the surrounding areas
21 December 2018


Wild fire in tobacco plants (Kentucky)

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We take care of the health of plants and ecosystems.

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